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Moving Home Checklist

The ultimate list of things to do and when to do them

Here’s a comprehensive checklist of things you need to do and when to do them, if you are moving into a new home. Moving home is an exciting but often stressful process. One of the top tips for how to reduce that stress is to be well organized. Planning the whole process using a good moving home checklist will ensure you don’t forget anything, or leave it to the last minute.

List of things to do 6-8 weeks before moving into a new home

  • Digital "MOVING" folder. Create a folder to keep details of the move: Quotes, receipts, pictures of how electrical items are set up, pictures of your valuable items, etc.
  • Floor plan. Create a floor plan of your new home and draw in where to place furniture. Can large items fit through the door? Will the fridge fit in kitchen space?
  • Dispose of unwanted items.
    • Sell unwanted furniture on internet, or donate to charity.
    • Prepare to hold a garage sale 2 weeks before move.
    • Clean up under the house, attic, garage.
    • Arrange a rubbish pick-up with the local council for 1 week before move.
    • Make special arrangements for items not eligible for council pickup e.g. paint, flammable liquids.
  • Find a removalist. We recommend Muval.
  • Schools. Arrange school, pre-school, and day-care transfers.
  • Packing.
    • Acquire packing materials: boxes, bubble wrap, tape, marker pens etc.
    • Research packing techniques/hacks.
    • Start packing items that you won’t need. Label what’s in each box, and which room in the new home it should be placed in. Mark boxes with fragile items!
  • Request time off work.
  • Storage. Arrange temporary storage space if necessary.
  • Repairs. Arrange to make any repairs that are needed.

List of things to do 4-6 weeks before moving into a new home

  • Insurance. Arrange home, contents insurance for your new home. Enquire if contents insurance covers items while moving.
  • Return rented or borrowed items.
  • Prepare inventory of what you own, noting dents and scratches.
  • Collect important documents (passports, birth certificates etc.) into one place. Carry them with you on moving day.
  • Utilities. Organise connection of water, gas, electricity, internet accounts at your new address. This is a good time to check if you can find cheaper utilities providers for your new home.

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List of things to do 2-4 weeks before moving into your new home

  • Dismantle furniture and outdoor play equipment that comes apart – have zip lock bags for bolts, screws etc. for each furniture item, and tape them to the item.
  • Child-minding. Arrange for someone to mind your children and pets on moving day.
  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Food. Use up infrequently used food items cupboards and refrigerator. Plan meals so you end up with as little food as possible on the day of moving house.
  • Cleaners. Arrange for cleaners if needed (for old home and new home.)
  • Recruit family and friends to help your with packing, moving and unpacking.
  • Create a “handy tools kit” containing screwdrivers, hammer, wall hooks, nails, light bulbs etc. that you might need in the first couple of weeks in your new home.

List of things to do in the last 2 weeks before moving into your new home

  • Pack clothes into suitcases. Keep out a few essentials.
  • Back up your computers and store the backups online or at family or friend’s house.
  • Arrange access and parking for the removalist’s truck.
  • Confirm details with your Removalist and give them your floor plan and parking details.
  • Use our change of address checklist to notify everyone of your new address.
  • Cancel your gardener, mowing service, newspaper delivery, and any other local memberships e.g. gym.
  • Keys. Ensure you have all the various keys to your current home.
  • Say goodbye to your old neighbours.
  • Meters. Arrange for final utility meter reading.
  • Cleaning. Inspect each room to see if it’s good and clean.
  • Pack and label ‘First night items’ boxes with bed linen, towels, curtains etc. that you will need to use on the first day in your new house.
  • Pack your indoor plants into plastic boxes
  • Check utilities are connected at your new home.

Things to do 1 day before moving home

  • Defrost the fridge and clean it. Have portable Esky and ice for remaining food.
  • Basics bag. Pack a bag/box for each family member with their basics/essentials.
  • Drain liquid from washing machine, ice maker, hoses.
  • Remote control. Remove garage door remote from your car.
  • Inventory list. Make sure you have completed it.

Things to do on moving day

  • Give your removalist a detailed tour with clear instructions. Ask them to load the kitchen boxes last, so they will be the first to be unloaded at the new house.
  • High priority boxes - make sure they are easily accessible.
  • Important items - keep them with you.
  • Turn off hot water system.
  • Take photos of your utility meters
  • House key collection.
  • Final check - that nothing is left behind in garden, sheds, garage, tops of cupboards etc.
  • In your new home:
    • Check items off the inventory list as they’re brought in.
    • Make sure you know where to shut off gas, water, electricity, and fuses.


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