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Internet Usage And Access During The Holiday Season


Whether you’re going away for the holidays, staying in, hosting guests, or going off grid altogether – there’s an internet option to suit your access and usage needs. Find out more about the best way to manage internet while travelling or when having visitors, and some tips for planning your usage.


If You Need Internet On The Go

It used to be a battle to even get teenagers to go on a family holiday and leave their previous WiFi connection at home. A trip away from home usually meant leaving your reliable internet connection behind and relying on the occasion hotspot on your smart phone or using free WiFi at cafes and train stations.

Luckily, those days are over. Aussie travellers have heaps of options so that they can travel far and wide without giving up internet. Whether you just want to be able to look up directions to the next town, or you want to be streaming movies from a tent, there’s a mobile broadband plan that can work for you.

If you need internet on the go, your best option is a mobile broadband plan. These offer a mobile internet connection, similar to a phone but without any calls and texts available. You can purchase a SIM card, connect it to your device, and start surfing the web.


If You Have Extra Guests Staying

The holiday season isn’t all about packing up and heading off – a lot of the time, it’s about welcoming visitors to your home as well. Hosting people can be stressful at the best of times, but it can be made even more so when arguments start to break out about slow internet speeds due to having so many people online!

Check with your broadband provider if they offer short term boosters to your connection. Ideally you want a short-term deal that provides added access for only a month or so. Simply choose the speed you want to upgrade to and enjoy seamless streaming, gaming and more throughout the festive season.

When you do have guests accessing your home WiFi, it can be a good idea to set up a guest network. This way you have a bit of added security (in case your uncle is a little less suspicious

of scam emails than you) and you don’t need to give everyone that comes through the door your WiFi password.

If You’re Going Away

If you’re travelling during the holidays, it’s a good idea to turn off your home router before you go. Doing this simple thing offers benefits that will prevent an added stress on your trip.

Firstly, it prevents unauthorised access to your internet. You’re probably not going to be checking your usage while away, and this way no one can hack in and burn through your data.

Secondly, it saves power. Although routers don’t use much electricity, it’s worth unplugging anything that isn’t needed when you’re not home.

And finally, it prevents the router from overheating and getting damaged. In hot weather, all devices can struggle, especially older models. While an overheating router doesn’t pose much risk, turning it off can prevent damage.


If You’re Going Offline

If you’re planning a digital detox this holiday, it’s easy! Simply leave all your connected devices at home and enjoy a few peaceful moments of relaxation.

Sally Writes 03 Jan 2022