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How the Pandemic Has Changed Australians' Energy Usage

How Are We Using More Energy?

The survey looked at Australian energy use since the pandemic began and found that we have spent a lot more time at home in the past two years. It also discovered the ways in which we are using more electricity and gas than usual.

59 per cent of survey respondents said they were cooking more at home. This increase in culinary activity contributes to higher gas usage for those with gas-powered kitchen appliances, and greater electricity usage for most of us as well.

37 per cent of people were doing more activities at home generally, and 35 per cent were working or studying from home. The use of computers, televisions and gaming consoles can all increase our energy usage.

Because people were at home during the day, instead of at school, university or the office, a lot of Australians have been using their heating and cooling much more in the past two years. Especially for people with older, inefficient systems or people with large homes, heating and cooling can use a lot of energy.

Finally, 26 per cent of survey respondents said their fridges and freezers were fuller in the past two years. A full fridge or freezer can cause the appliance to work harder, consuming more energy.

Changing Attitudes To Energy Consumption

We have been using a lot more energy lately, and this has resulted in concern for many people about their rising bills. Because of this, along with greater awareness of the impact of our energy use on the environment, a lot of Australians are endeavouring to find ways to use less energy or to use energy in a more efficient way.

Household energy customers are willing to use their appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers, at off-peak times to reduce demand. 44 per cent are also willing to cut their energy usage on hot days.

Australians are increasingly turning away from gas powered appliances in favour of electric options. 9 per cent of households had considered cancelling their gas supply and converting to electricity. Additionally, one in twenty households are intending to install solar panels in the next year.

There is growing interest in learning more about ways to manage energy use as well. 55 per cent of people said they wanted to learn about generating, storing and distributing energy.

The Rise Of New Tech To Manage Bills

Technology will play a greater role in the way we manage our energy usage in the future. 56 per cent of survey respondents said they were interested in new technology to manage their bills. 15 per cent were currently using smart meters, and many people are also using smart appliances which can be automated to be set to run at times when energy costs are low.

Sally Writes 16 Dec 2021