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Factors to Consider Before Choosing A New Electricity Provider

Are you thinking about changing your electricity company? Or maybe you’re moving house and want to try a different provider? Regularly comparing providers is a good way to make sure you’re getting a good deal – but what should you be looking for when choosing the right energy company?

We take a look at the five major factors that you should consider before choosing an electricity provider.

Electricity Use Tariffs

The first thing you need to know when deciding on an electricity provider is the system where you live. Electricity tariffs are electricity usage schemes, and they vary between states and regions.

A single rate tariff means your electricity is charged at the same rate, all day every day.

A flexible tariff means you can be charged different rates at different times of day, like peak (busy), off-peak (quiet) and shoulder (in-between). Peak is more expensive while off-peak rates are cheaper.

You need to know which system you’re on so you can work out how much you can save with different providers.

Discount For Pay On Time And Direct Debit

Many electricity companies will offer discounts if you pay your bill on time or pay using direct debit. The amount of the discount varies between suppliers, and it can be worth comparing to see if you can save some money.

Keep in mind that the discount may be for a set time period rather than for life, so that you’re not shocked when the deal expires and your electricity bill goes up. 

Staying In Control Of Your Electricity Use

Do you like to know exactly how much electricity you’re using? Then you should choose an electricity provider that offers tools to help you keep track of usage and connection.

Some providers have helpful apps and online services that let you measure how much energy you are using, keep on top of your electricity bills, and more.

It can be a helpful reminder to turn off the lights when you leave a room if you see that your bill is going to be much higher than last month!

Electricity Company Customer Service

We all hope that our electricity use runs smoothly in the background, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. If something does go wrong, you want a provider that can offer fast assistance and that is easy to get in touch with.

Check out the customer service offering of the providers you are considering. If they allow customers to get in touch through multiple channels and have friendly customer service representatives, they will be much better to deal with when you need assistance.

Environmentally-Friendly Energy

If you care about sustainability, then you will also want to look at where your electricity is coming from. Some providers offer power through renewables, providing a greener alternative to other energy companies that rely solely on fossil fuels. Finding a more environmentally-friendly option is part of doing your bit for the future of the planet.

Sally Writes 19 May 2021