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Can Tracking Energy Usage Save You Money?

Staying in control of our energy use can be hard. Especially as we use more home appliances, avoiding the shock of a big electricity bill is a challenge for many Australians. But did you know that tracking your energy usage can help you save money? Monitoring your energy usage is easier now than ever before. It's also more important as the cost of gas and electricity rises and results in unexpectedly high power bills for your household. We take a look at how to track your energy usage and save money on your bills.

How To Monitor Energy Use

Smart metres are a great way to measure your energy usage in a faster and more efficient way than waiting for your power bill to arrive. These digital metres measure your electricity use and can send this data to your personal device or to a web portal, managed by your energy distributor. If you don’t have a smart metre, ask your energy provider about your options for having one installed at your home.

Another way to track energy use is by using a smartphone app. These can be linked to specific appliances so you know which ones are the big energy users in your house. Apps are very convenient and helpful for monitoring energy use, but they are not compatible with all suppliers so check with your energy distributor.

How Does Tracking Energy Save Money?

Tracking your energy usage using the easy tips listed above can help save you money on your power bills. This is because you can get instant feedback throughout the month and know exactly where you stand at any time.

When we get to the end of the month and receive a high power bill, we can be left wondering what has caused the sudden jump from one month to the next. But when you are checking regularly, you can easily trace an increase in usage to specific activity.

Perhaps it was a hot day and you kept the air conditioning running for hours. Or maybe you had a big weekend of catching up on laundry and used your washing machine and dryer several times.

Seeing these links helps to keep us mindful about our energy use and encourages us to try and save power for the rest of the week when we have had a big energy usage day.

It can also encourage us to think about our energy usage in the longer term. If a certain appliance or activity is consistently chewing through your energy usage, you may want to consider upgrading to a more energy efficient model. You can also consider using those appliances during off-peak times when possible, so that you can take advantage of lower rates.

What If My Bills Are Still High?

Sometimes you can track your energy use and utilise efficient appliances, and still be frustrated by your high energy bills. If this is the case, you may want to consider switching providers. Allow our friendly experts at compare & connect to find you the perfect plan and connect you with your new energy provider.

Sally Writes 23 Feb 2022